Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Guerilla marketing 101

You may have remembered the sign I posted up the other day ("on 54th & Broadway today..." 8/8/06). Well it looks as though the same sign appeared in Chicago too. Alas this may not be such a cool thing which someone did, but rather some sorta guerilla marketing. As you'll see in the picture the sign refers to a cheating Steven and allegedly it's from "Emily." A little help and snooping from a friend led to a blog called "That Girl Emily" ( After reading through a couple of blog posts (for investigative reasons only) it doesn't seem like a genuine blog. It's sorta unreadable. I mean you kinda find yourself asking "who would be interested in reading this blog aside from the writer." But then again if that was the litmus test for fake vs. real blogs, most of them would not survive. Oh well the billboard was cool to think about while it lasted. Alas it is no longer genuine. I know a lot of you were eagerly waiting for an update on this. Wait no more. You may now continue on with your normal daily activities.

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