Wednesday, July 19, 2006


(and no I didn't mean to write ZeeTV...)

One of the most exciting aspects about conflicts and wars is the TV coverage. But in today's world of sensory overload sometimes we all need little hints about when to pay attention to something. I mean frankly there are wars everywhere, how am I supposed to know which one to focus on? (editor's note: thinly veiled political commentary covered in the guise of a flippant joke about to follow...) Should I pay attention to a few dozen Arabs & Israeli's dying each day or should I think about the tens of thousands who have died in the ongoing Sudanese Civil War this year alone unnoticed because they are in a region that is not strategically important to the G-8 countries?

As such, the easy rule of thumb that I use is to only care about current events when newschannels have a special graphic in the corner of their screen at all times. The original Gulf War was so dope and groundbreaking because for anyone who watched CNN's coverage, it actually had its own theme music. It was like Friends, except it was more like Enemies. Plus Wolf Blitzer always reminded me of a Ross-like figure, I mean no one would ever name him as their personal favorite Friend, but everything sorta revolves around him and nothing would be the same without him.

But I digress. Instead of analyzing the issues around the current conflict, I thought it would be better and more constructive to analyze the different "Middle East conflict" logo graphics being used by newschannels.

We start off with CNN. A classy graphical piece which uses the Israeli & Lebanese flags as a backdrop to their famed "crisis" font. Also note the hip use of the angled "Day 7" stamp. It's fresh. It's hot off the presses. This ain't your momma's CNN.

The BBC never wastes time making snazzy graphics. They just rely on their tried and true formula of a 100pt font saying the breaking news of the day. In this case it's "MIDDLE EAST CRISIS." This font size just yells out "this is important, read me!" Although I must say the flags in the background are a smooth touch. The funny thing is that they use the same 100pt font for other important news items like "WEEKEND SUN FORECASTED IN IRELAND" or "SQUIRRELS RAVAGE HYDE PARK"

MSNBC-LMNOP, ("where no letters are enough!") uses a graphic that several local school children put together on PowerPoint as a part of their Summer Community Service Project. Sadly enough these children won't get to see their own work because no one watches MSNBC. On a sidenote, why is Tucker Carlson reporting from the Middle East for this entire week? He should stay there. Forever. Even after his fledgling TV career is over.

Telemundo chimes in with...well... okay so maybe this isn't exactly their war coverage, but I always love watching the weather forecasts on their nightly news. The people look nicer. As we know, the nicer people on TV look, the more credible they are.


O said...

I am enamoured with all things ludicrous on Telemundo, including the news with hosted by hot credible Latinas and quality programming such as Sabado Gigante! If desis and Latinos intermarried to create a new breed of brown people, would the world be better of it? One's got to wonder...

Shakes said...

this is the greatest comment ever. ever.