Friday, July 14, 2006

text message etiquette

In the olden days people had to actually communicate face-to-face with other people. I know this sounds like crazy talk but it's true. You'd actually have to get the guts to a random person, look them in the eye, and talk. Luckily technology has helped eliminate this awkward and inconvenient aspect of meeting people.

One big step was IM'ing and emailing. IM'ing is brilliant because if the person you like actually is online with you, you can boldly say things you'd never have the courage to say in person. Come on, I know everyone knows what i'm talking about. Yes, it's the concept we all know about but don't have a phrase for (until now), e-Courage. Random flirty comments seem a lot easier when you're typing rather than saying it. That's the power of e-Courage. Not having an awkward moment in front of someone helps to encourage e-Courage. Previously the only form of artifical courage supplement known was liquid courage (i.e. booze, sharaabi pani, fun punch, etc.).

The problem of course is that the major caveat in this whole e-Courage nonsense is that the object of one's desire has to be online as well.... not to mention also a member of your chatting platform of choice (aol, msn, yahoo), not that I've ever had to think about this or anything (not because I'm not a nerd but rather because I'm on all three).

And then, shining down from the heavens, came a little thing called text messaging...and now you can take your mobile e-Courage with you while you go out. No longer do you have to stay at home endlessly on Friday & Saturday nights....again, not like I ever did that.

Text messaging takes sketchiness one step farther than any other form of communication because you can randomly text poeple while you're out drinking. In otherwords, it combines e-Courage with liquid courage to create a nearly unstoppable force. However as Superman would tell you, with omnipotent Courage comes the responsibility that goes with it. One should not abuse their powers.

While I dont profess to have all the answers, I'd like to explicitly bring up some key questions which I'm sure you all think about. Just take this simple little quiz:
  • When you go out drinking, who do you think about texting the most? Is there a person you want to text message but feel like you shouldn't?

  • When you get a text message from someone desireable, how quickly do you send your reply.... do you wait a lil while so as to not seem desperate, or do you hit send right away in the hopes of getting a quick response?

  • If you're dating someone, do you have an e-mistress (or I'm not sure what the guy version is), someone who you playfully text but would not tell your Significant Bother about?

  • Do you feel more comfortable texting people versus actually calling them (perish the thought! god forbid)
These are all questions that we have wondered at some point or another. The other key function of text messaging is that for anyone who has ever been dragged to a party where they don't know anyone or feel uncomfortable (e.g. anyone who lives in NY), text messaging gives you a chance to stand in the corner, like the loner you are, without looking like a loser since you're so concentrated on checking your phone for messages (even when you know you don't have one... but hey the new message feature could be jacked up like it always seems to be with Friendster) or typing away.

And for this we salute you text messaging, for being the social crutch and conduit to sketchiness that you are.


The 6th Spice Girl said...

i see people have stopped commenting...even those annoying fools who thought they were wiser than the one and only MC Hammer

there really isnt any point to this comment other than to change the number at the end of the post from "0 comments" to "1 comment" and thus start a revolution...a commenting revolution even

you probably think im sketcky and would have preferred if i hadnt commented at all...well thats too bad now isnt it? I have in fact commented...and not only comment is longed than a few of your posts

oh its a celebration bitches

Shakes said...

konichiwa. i think this is the first time i've been taunted on my own blog. i guess that's good. but i'll tell you what, you watch your back you bloddy tatti.

witnee said...

liquid and e-courage combined forces last night resulting in drunken dialing, texting and emailing. I did not however comment while drunk.
Thats just plain silly.

amol said...

e-courage.. cackle.. thats good stuff..