Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Spot the Desi #5 - Letters from the road

I just got this email from my friend Amit who is currently taking 6 months off of work to travel around the world and find himself. Oddly enough he is finding that no matter where you go, you can always tune your desar. Also, as a terminology reminder, a POHIP is a Place of High Indian Probability. Read and enjoy:
"After reading your blog, I've started playing the game "Spot the Desi" across East Asia. And as a result have found quite a few POHIPs- the two most important ones are cheesy tourist spots and bargain shopping arcades. Places like the "Chinatown" in Shanghai would qualify for first (yes, they have a 'Chinatown' in Shanghai), and the MBK center in Bangkok definitely qualifies as a second. The MBK center is a huge sprawl of a mall, selling watches, souveniers, and hand-bags at ridiculously chreap prices- before bargaining. It also attracts desis like flies to honey. From the bag store where Goochee and Barrberry bags can be found for 199 Baht (a little less than $5), where you see aunties comparing how many each one of them have bought (arrey, you bought only five yaa... I bought seven, its so cheap, no!). Or walk a little ahead and find the uncles at the electronics stores, trying to figure out if they can take flat screen TV's as check-in luggage!" [Amit, 7/17/06]
After reading that I think we're all left wondering the same question, "What, they don't make bootleg Bata chappels or Colour Plus shirts in China?"

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