Saturday, July 1, 2006

Signs you're from NY

I just drove over 7 hours here in Germany and just got back to my hotel room in Hamburg after watching the England/Portugal quarterfinal game. It struck me that it's funny but true that one sign that you can tell you're from NY is when you leave town and you still take along a copy of "Time Out NY" to see if you're missing anything happening in the city over the weekend.

Okies I go sleep sleep now. I have a flight home to catch at 9am. Despite the sad defeat I shall proudly wear my England Rooney shirt on the plane ride home. If it's wrong for a man to love another man, then so be it, I don't care because I love Rooney... even if he did stamp on another man's groin.


witnee said...

thats all the more reason to love him.
i think.

Shwetha said...

hey mista shakes, been away for a while.
but caught up on ur blog today ?
wow, germany ... twice..... hmmmm...
the plot thickens ?

hope u had a great time,
cheers !


Anonymous said...

A moment of déjà vu reading this post--in early May you posted about your New Yorker status being defined in relation to Time Out New York... As an original reader of the engine engine #9 (read: first person to ever post a comment), I have to express my concern that you may be running out of fresh, innovative topics, my friend. Or you really are too obsessed with this weekly periodical.

Shakes said...

oh my! a scathing not worry i have more than enough random stuff to talk about... i totally forget about my last TONY reference, but i guess this just proves that i'm consistent in my thought and a truly great human being. ok so maybe the second part was a bit of stretch, but work with me here...