Thursday, July 13, 2006

just me (and my subway rules)

It's sorta difficult finding big topics to write about and as such I can't help but say that I feel a lil pressure sometimes.... not like anyone reads this or anything, but I guess since I do get like 150 or so hits a day I feel like I have a responsibility to entertain. The problem is that if I don't have anything groundbreaking to say I just might not say anything...that is until my friend convinced me that even my random thoughts are noteworthy.

Clearly no one really gives a damn about what I ate for dinner or how my day was, hell I wouldn't even read that. It's not exciting enough. There's no glamour. People need glamour to get high ratings...just ask my Asian Friend Alice. Well at the risk of satisfying one fan, here is a thought right from the top of my head...this is my yesterday. This is what's it's like to be me for 7 hours.

After going to bed last night I suddenly woke up texted a friend happy birthday and passed out again. Three hours of bliss was interrupted at 2am, looked around, made some Tang, and went back to sleep until 5:45am.

I then watched a video of hockey fans singing the Canadian national anthem and then proceeded to get ready for work in order to make the 6:45am train. The next train is at 6:55am and usually there is this weird Russian couple who boards at the same door that I do and I don't like them for some reason, that in it of itself is reason enough to make sure I get the normal train....of course I could just take a different door on the train, but why should I have to move? They should. They're the ones who enjoy being lame together. Some may say that I worry about little things, maybe borderline minor, but I'll let you be the judge of me.

On a similar note I hold train etiquette as being very important and there's nothing more annoying that people who violate what I deem this silent code to be.
  • Rule #1: Please let me get off the train before you try to enter. I feel like hitting people who try to board the train and stand in my place before I get off.
  • Rule #2: Sketchy Public Displays of Affection on public transportation is frowned upon. Especially if it's with people other than me.
  • Rule #3: I have no idea how some lucky bastard is always able to get phone reception on their cell 100 feet underground in the subway but for the love of god they're always on my train. Please do NOT talk loudly for all to hear. This applies to people on planes too.
  • Rule #4: People who listen to Madonna too loudly on their iPods
Oh yeah, as if this post couldn't get more vomitously personal, I ate Cheez-It's and a coke for dinner.

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Anonymous said...

you wake up way too early,
mayhaps this is why the russian couple annoy you. Anyone would annoy me that early in the morning.