Monday, July 3, 2006

the faux ignorant american tourist

Son of a Bitch. My flight home on Sunday morning got cancelled after 9hrs of waiting in the airport and an aborted takeoff (while cruising down the runway). As such everyone has been placed in a hotel for the "night." I use the term "night" loosely because the flight has been rescheduled for Monday morning at 6am, thus requiring all the passengers to leave the hotel via a shuttle at 3:30am. I hate Germany.

Oddly enough having an extra evening in Hamburg meant that this is the longest time on this weekend trip that I've spent in Germany without being at a game or in transit. Seeing that it's a Sunday evening when most places are closed and I'm without any form of transportation, I did the most logical thing that anyone who knows me would expect me to do: I went walking around to try and find a music store.

After walking some 4 kilometers the reality set in that my search for gold in the New World was turning up fruitless. As such I decided the next best thing would be to take picture and make fun of Germans.

No this is not a sandwich depository. I just can't make this stuff up, no matter how much I see the word Hamburger I can't stop laughing. Sadly most of the inhabitants of Hamburg look as though they've had more than their fair share of ground beef.

Old rock stars never die, they just endlessly tour in Germany

Being subtle is definitely a skill that most people in this country lack...well that and having an emotion chip. As such most of their advertising doesn't really beat around the bush...

Don't fart!

Let's see, it's a Sunday evening, you're stuck in Germany, and you're Questlove of the Roots and your hair is not cooperating, presto you've come to the right place.

Afro-Shop. For now. For later. For always.

German words are composed of many vowels surrounded by gibberish. There is really nothing funny about this picture but I just took it in case I got lost during my walk and didn't know how to get back. At least I could show someone this picture.

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