Sunday, June 11, 2006

tatti, the poor man's Louvre, & eating in the city

In my continued quest to provide people information on places to find easy to access bathroom in the city, the new Apple store passes with flying colors. Located at 58th & 5th the stunning glass cube looks like a poor man's Louvre.

But not only is it easy to access and clean, but it's open 24 hours a day! Brilliant! Let's say it's Wednesday night, around 2am and
you're looking to get an iPod....blammo, now your dreams can be fulfilled!.... or more importantly you can at least find a bathroom without having to go to Central Park and finding a vacant bush or hobo to pee on.

Speaking of random places to goto the bathroom, one of the most annoying things to figure out when you go out is finding a good restaurant near train stations when you're meeting up with people. Alas fret no more, my friend Whit has found a brilliant link to solve these probs. At a link called Taste of Subway you just select your train line and the train stop and it will give you nearby restaurant picks.

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