Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Spot the Desi: #4 - International Edition!

Ladies & gentlemen we're back again for another exciting episode of America's fastest new gaming craze, Spot the Desi!..the International Edition... from Frankfurt Main International Airport to be exact. (I took them while waiting for my flight). I know it's been a long time since our last edition, but I'm sure you can get your desar's all fired up.

This time I'm also going to include not 1 but 2 pictures. Also unlike previous episodes, we're going to up the ante a little because it's harder than our previous ones. Okay on with the show!


This one is the easier of the two pics and some of the hints that this is a POHIP (Place Of High Indian Probability) are not noticeable from the picture alone, but hey all gameshows are not fair.

Let's point out the obvious signs:
1) there is a crying baby
2) unbeknownst to you, they have a laptop playing an Indian movie at full blast at the waiting area by the gate
3) the mother (pictured on the left) is constantly yelling at the husband for no apparent reason


This one is ridiculous. I know people everywhere, especially Germany, have World Cup fever, but dressing up like a 3rd division servant player is nonsense. Here's how we know this is a desi:

1) shorts that go well above the knees (mid-thigh actually) are being worn
2) socks are hiked up as high as they can go, much like former Laker great A.C. Green.
3) What you don't get to see in this picture, but could've observed from afar was that the Indian guy was actually posing for some reason....lemme show you below. Okay I know it's blurry but the picture tot he right is hysterical.
You can see him sticking his leg out in front and slightly bending it, akin to how a starving wannabe model waitress at the Coffee Shop in Union Square would.

An even more hysterical sight would be a picture of some random Indian kid spending 5 minutes to try and take the perfect picture of a weird Indian uncle-type person at a German airport.... oh wait, that would be me taking the picture. Nevermind....

OK! How did you score? If you got one of them wrong do not worry, these were a bit tricky. Just brush up on your skills by hanging out at your local New Jersey, practice a lil, and try again. I know you can do it. If Yan can do it, so can you.


Menagerie said...

Hehe, love the picture where uncle is posing for ya !!!

Mithun said...

shits im in germany reading your blog and here is your profile in german...i dont know what uber mich means but its my new favourite term...was that a good game? it was uber mich man...how does that chicken taste? f'in uber mich i tell you

Geschlecht: male
Standort: United States
Über mich
Hey there, I'm Shekhar and this is my little blog. You won't find anything of real interest besides good music, random observations, and occasional snibbits of stupidity.

Shakes said...

that's bizarro, but i think i like the phrase "uber mich" a lot too. judging from where the phrase appears in my profile i think "uber mich" means "About me," but i think it sounds better in your context. for example:

Q: "how was your weekend?"
A: "it was crazy, quite uber mich"

Q: "how was the party"
A: "off the hook, uber mich to the max"

Q: "how was your date?"
A: "dude, that uber mich stood me up"

as you can see it can be a pretty flexible term.