Friday, June 9, 2006

Sidewalk Whores

Rain sucks, and you don't need me to say it in order to believe it unquestionably. But what sucks even more are people who don't practice proper umbrella etiquette. This just pisses me off. My primary source of hatred are people who use their large golf umbrellas for normal day-to-day use. Newsflash, I know the narrow streets feel refreshing to walk down but I think it's a bit difficult to mistake it for a large green meadow.

Big umbrellas are the primary cause of the next problem: bakri chods who use their umbrella like a weapon and smack other umbrellas or faces without any regard. It's like they think they're in a deleted scene from Gladiator. Moreover I feel like the one guy who got his face smashed in by a club the second he stepped onto the arena floor.

Hmm, at this point I don't have a real cute summary line or anything because if I did then I wouldn't be complaining about it. So you just be quiet.


Shahnazzz said...

And its always them men!


Shakes said...

yes that is absolutley's almost always girl. girls with big umbrellas are probably just over confident models and thus they are excused from committing any societal ills.