Saturday, June 10, 2006


As everyone and their mom knows, the World Cup has started and highly increased (but focused, mind you) TV viewing has begun for the next month. While it's fantastic that all the games are available in High Def, one of the most annoying things is the sound. I'm not talking about the sound quality, I'm talking about our American announcers. They're absolute crap.

If you've ever watched any international game before with English announcers it's waaaaay better than listening to some of the random dudes they put on ABC or ESPN. It's awful. Truth be told there are some decent ones I think, but the powers-that-be seem to favor the most tatti announcers on the important games (or at least the US ones). I am going to vomit if I have to listen to former US defender Marcelo Balboa any more. He has mastered the art of saying the same 3 sentences over and over again for 90minutes.

During the England/Paraguay game the play-by-play man re-christened the beloved David Beckham as "Dave Becket" for a period of time and said that his main claim to fame was having a movie named after his kicks. Meanwhile Balboa criticized Becksfor failing to live up to his potential and that he's not being one of the best players in the world... only to say 30 minutes later after a Becks cross "that's what you expect from the best player in the world." You gotta be kidding me. That's just nonsense.

While I guess I could just put the TV on mute the fact is that you still want to hear the crowd and the background noise. The only solution is one my cousin has done, which is to just put on the Spanish channel (Telemundo! home to the longest running TV show without a repeat, "Sabado Gigante!" or literally translated, Big Saturday). At least the Spanish announcers get excited. So basically my cousin prefers to hear announcers she doesn't understand for their unintelligible screams versus an English speaking group of bozos.

Oh well, in 6 days I won't need to watch the game on TV to see it, and do not worry you shall get to read all about it...

As quick sidenote, in my humble opinion, JP Dellacamera & former US star John Harkes are the best commentating duo for American TV.

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