Sunday, June 25, 2006

DJ Shakes_2006-06-25 (Middle School)
theme: Middle School mayhem

Okay, so after making it rain for the last 2 weeks because of my rainy day mix from before, this week I'll go with songs I used to love when I was in Middle School. These are the songs all the "urban" music stations played before they switched to basically all hip-hop in the early 90's (yes that means you Power 106 in LA and Hot 97 in NY). But what mix would be complete without a long, drawn out intro from yours truly. This week's edition comes in at a towering 3 minutes! What could be worth listening to for that long...god knows...and you will too after listening...

(approx time 63min)
[0:00] Intro - Shakes bakwas/ Music History 101
[3:20] Ready for the World - Oh Sheila
[7:10] Tevin Campbell - Round and Round
[9:30] Expose - Come Go With Me
[13:36] The Jets - Crush On You
[17:39] Bobby Brown -Every Little Step
[21:23] Club Noveau - Lean On Me
[25:10] LL Cool J - I Need Love
[27:40] Nice & Wild - Diamond Girl
[31:19] Trinere - They're Playing Our Song
[34:08] Will To Power - Dreamin
[37:50] Al B. Sure - Night and Day
[41:35] New Edition - A Little Bit Of Love (Is All It Takes)
[45:26] Expose - Let Me Be The One
[49:30] Connie - Funky Little Beat
[53:23] Noel - Silent Morning
[57:35] U2 - A Sort of Homecoming

...of course I couldn't resist putting in U2 at the end. As far as the beginning part, I just how much of a music chauvanist I am more than anything. But I just wanted to point how Nina Sky's "Move You Body" has a mini tribute to Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam's gem from 1985, "Can You Feel The Beat." Likewise Afrika Bambaataa "Planet Rock" has it's main synthesizer line lifted from German electronica minimalists Kraftwerk.

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