Saturday, June 3, 2006

cellphone etiquette

Here's something which pisses me off. I absolutely abhor the cellphone behavior that most people exhibit. I think there is nothing ruder and more annoying than having someone consistently text message while you're with them. It's like you're basically saying I'd rather be with someone else who is not here than with the person who is actually with me. Although now that I think about this, maybe it's just me...

That being said, there are of course important exceptions. Everyone gets the random phone call or text message and as such it's okay to respond, but people forget that they're not obligated to respond instantaneously to everyone. It's okay to let your voicemail take your calls sometimes. That's why it's there for. Likewise if you're in a large group, by definition it's a less intimate affair and hence increased virtual interaction is acceptable.

There I said it. I said it not because you wanted to hear it but rather because it needed to be said. I too am guilty of this, but I think I'm at least cognizant of it. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, all etiquette gets thrown out the window if the other people in the room are your parents or elders. I mean come on we're hanging out with them, what more do they want, a totally captive audience? Wasn't t that the reason our forefathers fought against colonialism?

Oh yeah, by the way here's another idea sports fans, if you're looking to feel miserable and watch a movie where parts of it hit too close to home, watch The Breakup.


WhatIGotSoFar said...

Very honest and very true. If it was up to me, I'd burn down every cellphone tower. Cockroaches have lived on the Earth longer than mankind and will outlive mankind and they dont, i repeat dont carry cellphones. Thank you and good night.

Shakes said...

whoa. easy tiger. a lil belligerant there.