Thursday, June 1, 2006

Blackberry envy

One thing is very clear to me from having been in NY for a few years now, there always seems to be somebody within arms length distance. And as such everyone can see what everyone else is doing. The best example of course is riding on the train. While you may think that you're the only one reading your magazine, everyone else around you is discreetly reading along as well. Haven't you ever held back from turning the page of your newspaper too quickly because you know others are still reading it? That being said the close proximity enables you to show off things to other people, like your iPod, your phone, etc...

But the one thing which is a attention getter for all business people is BlackBerry envy. The issue is not whether you have one or not, but rather what model. Do you have a color screen...sheesh that's sooo yesterday. Are you just getting your blue BlackBlackberry (or affectionately called a BlueBerry)? Geez, get with the program. I mean really, if you only have a BlueBerry than I'd be shocked if you had indoor plumbing.

I swear to you, this is the mentality that people have going on in the back of their heads. You almost feel like you can judge the importance of people based on their BBerry models. Go figure. This is mostly a male trait and as such it is rather easy for me to rationalize. Males have far fewer ways to express themselves with personal ornamentations. I mean in most normal settings we don't wear earrings, we don't have necklaces, and we don't have purses. What is left? Well watches and cufflinks are a starter, but after that it's a huge void.

So we're prety much left with cellphones small gizmos. Enter the BBerry. Functional yet highly sexy. There's a reason that we always whip out our BBerry's in crowded rooms on weeknights. It's not because we're expecting some urgent email, but rather it just feels cool. Blammo. It's like you're telling people "hey there sweet thang, at any given point in time someone may need me and they can do so via my sexy electro friend."


witnee said...

i don't have a black or blue berry but i sure do have ipod envy. I feel all old skool with my 3rd generation, no color, no video. but old skool in the bad way.

Shakes said...

i once saw a person on the train with a cassette deck walkman. we all wanted to laugh so hard. man that was funny.
whew. i mean what's next, people playing actual instruments on the train? i mean c'mon.

Asian Friend said...

The sad thing is I am an owner of a BlueBerry (work-issued) and a BlackBerry Charm (that is what we call the super-fance BlackBerry, the one that is more like a phone, and we don't mean the one that just came out with in the black). Sadly, every time I pulled out my BlueBerry, I pulled out my BlackBerry Charm too, so nobody would think I was a loser assistant with a BlueBerry from 2000.

Look at what happens to you when you work in Hollywood.

Shakes said...

whoa dude. you have two blackberries? but, but why? asians are so krazy.