Monday, June 19, 2006

Back from Germany...

[editor's note: the following post is neither very humorous nor poignant, please feel free to skip]

As you can tell I'm back from my World Cup weekend (part 1, anyways) and the overall theme was one of pure emotional and physical exhaustion. By halftime I felt like I had aged several years.

The game was held in Kaiserslautern, about 130km from Frankfurt, and is home to a large US military base. What's kinda weird was listening to Armed Forces Radio or "the Eagle," where their motto is "Music to fight for!" I guess the even weirder part was the fact that apparently Avril Lavigne's music is fight worthy.

While I was there for only about 50 hours, there were still parts which stood for me, in no particular order:
  • Driving on the Autobahn is fantastic, especially the joy of going 100mph and legally passing up a cop (or rather polizei)
  • Germans can be fantastically unhelpful especially when it comes to watching two Americans struggle to figure out how to buy subways tickets (which oddly enough no one ever checks)
  • In case you ever find yourself in a European country and don't know the local language and they don't know English, the next best language to know is Hindi. There ALWAYS seems to be some random Indian dudes around. This was true in Paris, and it was true in Frankfurt
  • Everyone should get the experience of singing their national anthem (whatever it may be on foreign soil with other countrymen). Listening to the American anthem before the start of the game and singing it with the other U.S. fans got me teary-eyed and nearly crying
  • There is something weirdly nice about seeing Americans whenever you travel abroad...the problem is that more often than not, it's the lame Americans that you end up seeing
  • Babies should not be allowed on planes, especially international flights (or as they would say in German, flugs)
  • Watching Spongebob Squarepants dubbed in German is both disturbing and scary
  • German words are unnecessarily long and ridiculous
  • German TV is like watching Cinemax, 24/7
  • Some Germans still seem oddly touchy about "losing that whole WWII thing"

I'm rich biatch! (my ticket, which I could've easily sold for over 1000 Euros, outside the stadium)

In Frankfurt they had giant screens set up in the river where you could watch the games on both sides of the river banks

Our hero (me), wearing a Holland soccer shirt outside of Konstablerwache station in downtown Frankfurt. Please note that I'm proudly representing my roots by rocking my L.A. Dodgers hat

Dad & I, sharing a beer outside the stadium in Kaiserslautern

It's 2am, you're in Germany, and you've only had about 5 hours of sleep in the last 2 days, and you haven't eaten in 8 hours, where do you go? That's right, McDonalds...

It's a celebration, enjoy yourselves.


arati said...

This is not relevant to your blog entry, but: Canes Rule!

Shakes said...

oh good god...i felt so bad for the oiler (who i was rooting for), but i must say game 7 was fantastic