Tuesday, May 30, 2006

you know you're a true Desi if...

You talk in a funny made-up Indian-ized version of English when you talk to a Person of Indian Descent (POID) on the phone. While ABCD's may make fun of FOB's the fact of the matter is that we talk in a fake accent sometimes when needed.

Which brings me to a sidenote, why do many ABCD's make fun of kids directly from India and don't see any problem with it, yet we get utterly disgusted if non-Indians do the same thing. I imagine all ethnic groups have some equivalent of this phenomenon, but needless to say it's hypocritical at best. I don't wanna sound holier-than-thou, because I am definitely guilty of this as well, but it seemed worthy of pointing out.

footnotes (a quick review for those who don't know):
1. ABCD - "American Born Confused Desis," basically any kid born and raised in the U.S of A (e.g. me)
2. FOB's - "Fresh Off the Boat," - Indian kids raised in India and now in the States who basically hadn't been abroad much before (that's an appropriate additional qualifier in my opinion) and thus come off as being a bit less than Western minded

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