Tuesday, May 2, 2006

super crazy brilliant great idea #2

Every so often I'm struck with a brilliant idea, this past weekend was one of those moments. Lately banks have been making a big push to have their ATM's everywhere, like grocery stores or drug stores. Well Citibank has now partnered up with 7-11 to have an ATM in all of their stores.

A person who was not as innovative as me would say "Okay, that's a good idea, when people get Slurpees they can get cash too. That makes sense." But not me. No, no, no. Instead I think 7-11 should partner up with Citibank in the opposite direction. They should put a Slurpee machine in every Citibank. That would be the greatest thing ever. That way you could drink while you wait.

I know many of you are skeptical, but allow me to demonstrate a scenario for you:
ATM user #1: Man, this is a long line
ATM user #2: Yes, yes it is a long line.
ATM user #1: I wish I had something both refreshing and tasty.
ATM user #2: Well there's a water fountain over there in the corner
ATM user #1: Hey, shut up, you're ruining this fake conversation scenario
ATM user #2: Shit.
ATM user #1: Okay let me try to smoothly save this
ATM user #2: Shit. Okay.
ATM user #1: Um, water is so last year, and it's viscosity is too low for my needs
ATM user #2: Right on my brother. Viscosity is dope.
ATM user #1: I wish they had a Slurpee machine inside here.
ATM user #2: But how is that even plausible, who would operate it?
ATM user #1: You shut up bakri chod.
ATM user #2: Oh right, I would love a Slurpee. Fer shizzle.
See! It makes perfect sense as my demonstration shows. The real stupidity of course is how I thought of this idea. I was at a Citibank early in the morning (after landing in Chicago on Saturday) and walked in to see the sign pictured above and I actually thought that the Slurpee machine idea was already used, so I tried to find it. My reading comprehension skills should be excused since I was rather groggy. Needless to say my euphoria was quickly tempered by reality.


Shwetha said...

i hate to burst ur bubble, but we already have it in Singapore !!

sorry, u know i just had to.


Shakes said...

oh good grief charlie brown..

Shwetha said...

aah... would thy have a serpent sting thee twice ?
not that its relevant , but CB?
ur funny shakes

Shakes said...

oh my, i have no idea what the serpant means. i think i'm just dumb. if you are my friend plus then how come you're not on my friendster? touche.

culturedrone said...

i definately think your on to something here. this past year they started putting dunkin' donuts (i don't know if you have that in NY or if its strictly a new england thing, but it's a donut/coffee chain like krispy creme) into supermarkets so u can enjoy a hot cup of joe while u shop, an idea which i wholeheartedly supported.

Grandmaster Flash said...

listen culturedrone they have dunkin donuts all around the world and not just in your popped collar polo/camel-toe stretchy pants world of new england...what new england needs is some southern sweet tea...and grits...

witnee said...

hopefully brain freezes wouldn't make for any unruly ATM customers...