Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Spring in the City / Where did the Falun Gong go?

There are many signs that Spring is upon us: the sound of birds, the trees are green, and the flowers are in full bloom. Sadly in NYC we don't have birds, trees, nor flowers. As such the only sure fire way of knowing summer is back, aside from the return sweltering humidity and the inevitable malfunctioning subway A/C, is the return of the true boys of summer! You know what I'm talking about, it's everybody's favorite protesters, the Falun Gong!

The Falun Gong, rose to prominence about two years ago in the city where their sidewalk protests could be seen everywhere. Allegedly they are persecuted by the Chinese government and are beaten and whatnot. The most popular misconception about the cult is that the sidewalk protesters are actually from China and they have come all the way to NYC to protest. This is not true. I mean, that would kind of be a long way to go to make a protest again someone at your home. If I was them I'd just chill out in the US. For the record they're not really protesters in the typical Greenwich Village sense but rather they just sorta wear makeup and sit in cages to simulate how they are persecuted in the homeland.

It's a little odd to walk to McDonalds during your lunch break only to stroll by several elder people sitting in bamboo cages with mascara on. An insider once told me that they just bus in people from China town to help promote their "protests." Go figure.

That being said, there is no sign of them whatsoever this year. In years past they taken out large newspaper ads and whanot, this year no marketing campaign. Nowadays spotting a Falun Gongian seems to be as difficult as spotting an East Village hipster in Queens....where his/her/its vintage clothing may have originally come from.

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