Monday, May 22, 2006

Spot the Desi: #3

Okay friends & family, turn on your desar, it's another exciting edition of Spot the Desi!

Okay this is an easy one, while it may be difficult to make out in this picture (I had to be sneaky and use my phone cam), there are actually 4 Indian people in this picture (yes four!). Let us review for our viewers at home how we can identify that this scene is a major POHIP (Place of High Indian Probability):

1. it's New Jersey, enough said.
2. the driver (currently opening the trunk) is wearing a black shirt, with his hair greased back.
3. the driver, in true S.I.G. style never smiled once.
4. it's 3-series BMW, the chariot of choice for all SIG's.

For the experienced, this exercise was a no-brainer. But if you found this to be difficult, please re-study the refresher course "Where's The Desi" (4/26/06) from last month and try again.


arati said...

Yikes! My sister has always wanted that Beemer; does that mean she's possibly a Shady Indian Girl?

Shakes said...

yes this does make her a S.I.Girl...but oddly SIGirl's are highly prized. if you would like i'd be glad to look over her biodata.

witnee said...

I know of two indians guys with the 3 series and one girl. but that girl is maaya. she seems the antithesis of S.I. Girl though, so i guess there is always an exception to the rule.