Thursday, May 18, 2006

note to self: next time I'm in South Korea, get naked...

The Asian edition of Time magazine just released their annual edition of the Best of Asia 2006, and South Korea's Park Hyatt is listed as the the best place in all of Asia to get naked.

Basically your bathroom is a giant window facing office buildings who have a chance to peer in. Surely no one could really see you, could they? While I'm not gonna compare my apartment to the Park Hyatt, I will say that I have had a similar experience... I never realized that my bedroom is completely visible from the water by ferry passengers cruising on the Hudson River.

I never realized of course until I took the ferry myself and naturally I started counting the floors in my building to spot my apartment and thought "oh look there's my I can sure see right through the whole room when my blinds are open....wait a second...I always keep my blinds open...even in the morning...oh no! THEY CAN SEE ME!"

This entire conversation of course was happening in my head, but I was still yelling. The result of course is that unbeknownst to me I have been providing a free show for early morning commuters. Which brings me to my next thought, is it a form of good racism that between the Park Hyatt & my apartment, I would feel more comfortable to be naked in front of foreign strangers rather than domestic strangers?

As a final question, do 75% of all Koreans feel like the Park Hyatt is named after them?

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Rashmi said...

there's something so incredibly amazing about a tub being surrounded by windows. natural light hitting water makes for a pretty scene.
(have i reaveled too much?)