Thursday, May 4, 2006

Midget-based entertainment

I just got back from seeing Cirque Du Soleil ("Corteo!") and the overwhelming feeling that I'm left with is that I don't think I feel comfortable around midgets. I'm not anti-midget or even discriminatory towards the vertically challenged, but rather I feel weird about midget-based entertainment.

Between segments of flipping, balancing acts, and jumping, the show had these weird midget segments which didn't make much sense to myself or my cousin. The only acceptable scene in my opinion was when they strapped a midget to four gigormous (technical term) helium balloons and then proceeded to float her around the audience. It was like she was walking on the moon. And whenever she floated softly towards the the ground people in the crowd would push her along. Quite bizarro. Quite.

A running joke I had with my younger cousin Vivek for many years is that Indian people hide midgets in their turbans. Obviously this is not true. Anyone who has seen Sardars on the beach in India know that when they remove their turbans you rarely, if ever, see midgets scurrying about in the sand. Besides the sheer logistics of such a feat make it implausible as well.

(while we're on the issue of turbans, the Spike Lee joint/movie "Inside Man" actually has a discussion about turbans and their religious significance involving our man Waris Ahluwalia)

Clearly midget-based entertainment is going through a renaissance that was initially sparked by the fame of Mini-Me in Austin Powers. Now you can get midgets to do almost everything, from getting them to cater parties to midget bowling (you literally bowl the midget). As a proud Indian I say it's time we borrowed some ideas from our midget brethren and start getting into the act and using their ideas. We too should serve people at parties, we too should serve people at restaurants... oh wait a minute, we already do. Never mind...

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culturedrone said...

right you are man! midget-based humor is indeed disturbing on every level; midgets are somewhat unnerving themselves, and their exploitation is even further upsetting. i can't bare it