Thursday, May 18, 2006

East Village, 3rd & Avenue A (8:30pm)

This is outside the Pioneer Theater last night where a group called Third-I screens independent South Asian short-films every month. They're sorta hit or miss....tonight both films were a miss. Usually you get an eclectic mix of people at these things. You don't see the typical SIG's (Shady Indian Guys) but rather the artsy-quasi-socialist desi's. Oddly enough being an artsy-quasi-socialist is also a prerequesite for living in the East Village. Additionally there is always the random assortment of old non-Indian people who view the "South Asian diaspora" as being exotic and therefore of interest. Culture Vultures! Many of them look at these events as being B.Y.O.Y.M.... Bring Your Own Yoga Mat.

For some reason the concept of people exploring a culture because they think it's exotic makes me think of the book "The Heart of Darkess." ... the Savages! the Savages! If you have no idea what I'm talking about then don't worry. Just go back, take a nap, and the pain will go away soon enough.


BidiSmoker said...

Love the comment about "culture vultures". If you like hearing brown people hate on white people, you should check out my blog, maybe link me if you like it.

Shakes said...

thanks :) ...but let me clear, I don't want this to be hate on whitey, most of my good friends are non-Indians (perish the thought!) and no matter how you look at it brown people are infinitely goofier than anyone else

witnee said...

I will follow your advice and nap.
like a kitten.