Friday, May 5, 2006

Desi Sweet 16

So I was watching My Super Sweet 16 on MTV and observing all these annoying kids get whatever they want on their 16th birthday. Now before I get too critical, let's be clear here, I'd want to be flown around on a helicopter as much as the next person but some of their parents are a bit nutso.

I then started thinking, what would this show look like if they featured Indian kids? An Indian Sweet 16 would be the funniest thing ever. It would basically show some kids eating his favorite rice-based dinner (that's the bday present) in his bedroom studying for the SAT's. Instead of cameos by Puffy or Bow Wow it would occassionally have the dad burst into the kid's room yelling some vocab words and asking for the scores on the last practice test. It would make for compelling TV.

Every episode would also feature the kid crying at some point telling their parents that they don't want to be a doctor/scientist/nuclear physicist. Truth be told, with the regular Sweet 16 there always is some sorta drama or crying, but everything is made better when the kid finally gets what they want (e.g. a Mercedes, some dress, etc.) . In the Desi Sweet 16 the kid would never get what they want. Instead of a new car, the Indian kid would get a new bike. Instead of getting to hang out with their friends, the Indian kid would get another vocab builder book.

If the kid did get to got out for their own party it would have severe restrictions. If it was anything like my parents the kid would get $20 to cover dinner & a movie, and have to be home by 10pm. As we all know, "THE bad elements come out at THE night." This curfew would extend well until their mid-20s.


arati said...

Finally -- someone who understands!

Shakes said...

just call me the voice of the people. i mean you can call me shakes too, but that would just be an alternate name suggestion.