Sunday, May 28, 2006

Belarusian biatches

Okay so my posts usually center around some jibberish or Indian-centric observiation, which many may argue are the same thing, but here's something randomly horrible that caught my eye over the weekend.

On Friday night England played Belarus in an exhibition soccer game and lost 2-1. Okay well there's nothing super crazy about that, right? Well...

Knowing your intellectual curiousity, I'm sure you're wondering "how did Belarus score their first goal?" Was it a fantastic shot? No. Was it an exhibition of incredible dribbling? Not even close. Was it a header from a long sweeping cross? Better luck tomorrow Harold.

The answer is that the English goalkeeper was going to put the ball into play with a goal kick but when he went to kick the ball he ruptured his groin and "collapsed to the ground in heap." After watching Robert Green fall under sheer pain, a player from Belarus ran toward the poor soul.... and instead of going to aid his fellow human being, he took the ball away and scored a goal in the empty net. iQue lastima! What a bastard move!

Dude, the poor guy ruptured his f'in groin and someone has the nerve to take the ball and score. It's his groin. Shit, if I got a papercut between my fingers I'd be writhing in pain. But he ruptured his innards. Ruptured! What kinda takes advantage of that. That sounds like something out of the book "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" that I read in high school. No offense to Belaurusian's, but next time I'm in your land, I'm gonna steer clear of your emergency rooms. God only knows what goes on in them. Communists.

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witnee said...

oh tatti! I bet that hurt like a bakri chod!