Friday, April 21, 2006

the US Postal Service hijacked my blog

In a bizarro turn of events, my blog has inadvertantly been turned into a source of real information (woe is me!). I'm sure some of your can remember my posting/rantings at how annoying the Post Office (USPS) is ("Dope Ass Good Friday" - 4/14/06)

...But I just got notified that it got a new comment. BLAMMO! Check out comment #4 at the bottom of my posting. It's like a long-ass commercial! It's a response from a guy who runs a "US Postal Service Postal News & Info" blog.

Somehow, my blog has actually turned informative...and it may even save lives too. The bigger question is who actually reads a USPS blog? Do you have to wait in line for it? Are there special services for Priority readers? More importantly, who scours the internet for disparaging comments about the USPS and seeks to correct them, one person at a time.

That's just jacked up, yo.


Triskadelphia said...

Um. Yeah. That looks like spam to me.

So that pretty much answers your question: spambots scour the internet for disparaging comments about the USPS and seek to correct them, one person at a time.

Shwetha said...

Shekhar saab, now ur famous in Singapore and in the U.S.A.

Your account - on the - USPS brings in viewers from all over .

oh btw, full punn intended


Shwetha said...

okay sowwie that was cheap of me, but yeah i really like the way you write. you are very articulate and piquantly witty. i truly enjoy reading your blogs, infact one of the first blogs i always read is yours ! okay, i think i should stop talking.... and return to being my pertinacious and indignant self. Having said so, "Your Account".

Have a good one Mr. Shakes

Shakes said...
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Shakes said...

aww, so chweet, thank you very much. you're account too. and you actually have one :)