Monday, April 10, 2006

Shake's Million Dollar Idea #252: E-Z Pass for McDonalds

A lot of you people read this blog and think "Shakes, you're a great guy and I think you're insightful, handsome, and witty, but how can I profit from reading this blog?" Well look no further scavengers, I have an idea for you! Okay, check this shiznauts out...

For those of you who don't know E-Z Pass is the toll-saving device for people who drive on the East Coast. Basically you have a device inside your car that allows you to drive through tollways without having to stop, instead it automatically deducts money from your account. This is a fact that many of you know.

The key observation from my own empirical evidence is this: People will spend more money if you make it easy to spend money. The most annoying thing with going to a store isn't finding what you want, it's waiting in line. Likewise it's annoying to go through the drive-thru lane at McDonalds and have to make a payment. I was sitting in the car line at McDonalds wondering this exact same, when all of a sudden, BLAMMO! It hit me.

They should work out an arrangement to use your E-Z Pass at McDonalds (and other fast food vendors who are pivotal to our free society, e.g. KFC, Wendy's, and Burger King). Can you imagine how much better it would be if you could just pick up your food, have your payment automatically added to your monthly E-Z Pass bill, and move on with life?

E-Z Pass would win by licensing it's technology out to vendors. Vendors would be more apt to use their tags because so many people already have them. Fast food people win because according to my first theory you are more likely to increase the frequency of your visits if you make it easy to purchase food. Furthermore since you're never really making a cash-outlay you're more likely to add an extra order of fries or delicious apple pies.

Presto! A million dollar synergy is born. You heard it here first. If any of you actually uses this idea I definitely deserve some credit. Bakri chods.

See this is the type of insightful information I wish my aunts would mention in my bio-data.


Nadine Cowpoke Debjo said...

So.. how do we then deal with all the resulting car break-in's for easy pass devices when homeless dudes get hungry?

Shakes said...

um, hobos would never do that, right?

AB said...

mr. shakes have u been to singapore in the past 3-4 years ?

sorry to burst your bubble - its already in practice here , atleast at Mcdonalds

witnee said...

I can't believe you failed to mention Taco Bell. If I could, I would EZPASS south of the border all the time.
Hmmm even though the bubble may have been burst (silly singapore) I think its a brilliant idea none the less!

Shakes said...

hmm, you fools in singapore have stolen my idea. well at least i can chew gum here in public. and also they don't shoot pigeons here. although that one is not a bad idea actually