Saturday, April 1, 2006

Restaurant Bathroom Review: Panchitos (West Village)

Hopefully this does not turn into some weird fascination with bathrooms, but on my list of free bathrooms of Manhattan an obvious quick corollary could be restaurant bathrooms (so paid bathroom experiences). Last night's midnight margarita run was at Panchito's in the West Village, on MacDougal & Bleeker ("Voted as 1 of the 6 Best Margaritas in the City!") . While going to the bathroom I couldn't help but snap a picture for the sake of this blog and the general promotion of the transfer of information to you the reader.

The bathroom aesthetic left something to be desired. Also the door entering into this tatti room didn't have spring-loaded hinges...which meant that if you pushed open the door it would fly open and nearly knock out the unlucky fool who was right next to the door (and sink) washing his hands. I don't want to tell names or anything , but for anonymity's sake let's just say that a certain "S. Karnik" or rather "Shekhar K." was standing by the sink when such an event happened. Although our hero was wounded and briefly stunned, he still carried on like a true trooper.

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