Monday, April 10, 2006

Poetry, Milk, Water, & Me

The following is a spoken word poem, in written form. Perhaps the stunning artistry of the topic and the deft skill in which I address the subject matter may startle you. If so, my work is a success. My goal is to entertain as well as educate you. That being said, years of schooling has taught me that education is never fun and/or enjoyable, and the term "edutainment" is nonsense. Nonetheless, here is my stab. Some lines are borrowed from a convo I had with my friend Whitney. This poem is inspired by the fact that I only seem to have expired milk in my fridge.

Milk Versus Water: A Serious Poem

Milk is okay, but Water is always there for me.
Milk comes from cows, Water from taps.
Milk gets spoiled, Water is always good.
Milk say "hey come drink me but you better drink me by so-and-so date"
Water is like flexing its shit and is all "hey, I don't get spoiled, biznatch"

Milk is all stuffy
Water is all chill and says to me "yo, when you're good and ready, you drink me"
..."if not, i'll be here, you can even pee into a bowl of me"
Milk is all up in itself.
Water doesn't have its own agenda like Milk

Milk is like that annoying girl who can be okaaay, but you have to be nice to in order to get to the non-annoying part.
Water is like that girl who walks into class a late, still has wet hair and doesn't wear makeup.
Milk is hot, water is cute
Skim Milk is just posturing

I like cute, I like Water
When you get old, Water is still there for you
When you get old Milk is not good for you anymore

Damn lactose intolerance.

Damn lactose intolerance.
Milk is not okay, Water is the only one for me.


Anonymous said...

But the only beverage that goes with chocolate is Milk. Water cannot compare, no matter how utilitarian Water tries to be.

Shakes said...

this pangs my heart to see you reduce water to being merely utilitarian. it is, of course, but it's so much more. don't get me wrong, it's no Coke (which is even more fickle than milk with regards to its tasteworthiness after being opened) but then again what is.

Triskadelphia said...

Yeah, let's see milk turn into snow, mo-fo.
That is, without needing fudge swirls to make it any fun.