Saturday, April 29, 2006

my new term: Friend Plus (or friend+)

What do you call it when your best friend or a person that you hang out with a lot happens to be of the opposite sex? More importantly, what if this relationship is only platonic....and yet there's that something extra? But at the same time you feel that if you were to ever hook up it would just ruin everything...

Well up until now our relationship nomenclature is hindered by rather rigid terms. Between "friend" and "dating" you really have nothing in the middle. The reality is that we're often confronted with that nebulous in-between zone. I mean the movie "Lost in Translation" was great precisely because you didn't really know what to call Bill Murray & Scarlett Johansson and yet you can understand their relationship as being non-sketchy.

As such, I have hereby invented the term FRIEND PLUS. A friend+ describes people who are more than just friends, but less than everything else.

Okay, I have spoken, please feel free to use it.
Go on, use it. Even if you're reading this in Singapore or maybe even Chennai, or perhaps even lovely Belgium. Don't be scared. See, that's better.



arati said...

I think this new term works. It's useful.

And now that I think of it, I have some friend minuses: people who view me as their friend, yet I find them somewhat annoying or repulsive and can't quite be their friend.

Anonymous said...

Friend plus forever

Anonymous said...

Friend plus forever

Shakes said...

oh my. but if i saw you on a street, would i know how my friend plus looks?