Thursday, April 20, 2006

"Loose Control?" umm, I mean my stomach is fine, I meant "Lose Control"

There is nothing more annoying than a long setup for a simple observation.

Indian movies are becoming more and more Westernized and the process began with fashions (cue visions of actors wearing gawdy t-shirts saying Nike or Reebok), then storylines (do you think it's a coincidence that the movie "Shaan" is a lot like a James Bond movie?) and now over the last few years, the pure aesthetic. Bollywood movies feel like a "regular" movie. If you've seen movies like "Company" or "Sarkar" it looks like the crisp production quality you get from Hollywood.

One of the best parts about having Hindi movies on DVD is that subtitles is a standard option. You'd be surprised at how important it is to understand what people are saying towards making sense of the plotlines. That being said, there really is no explanation behind half of the spontaneous dance numbers, subtitles or not. As for the dance numbers that involve actresses dancing in the rain, that makes complete artistic sense. Complete.

But if there's one thing that needs improvement (besides the banning of Sanjay Dutt as an actor...he's just gross looking) it's the guys who do subtitles. English subtitles for Hindi films can be terrifically horrible at times. Sometimes it's the funny translations of phrases and sometimes it's just botched spellings.

This brings to a conclusion my long setup and now I'll show you a screenshot I noticed from "Rang De Basanti." In the movie the underlying motif of youth rebellion in the form of the phrase "Lose Control!" gets a slightly different spelling by the subtitle crew and instead becomes a warning that Aamir Khan is having bowel control issues.


witnee said...

i didn't really read your post
just admired aamir khan's picture.
even if he is loosing control of his bowels or what not, he's still a hotty.

Triskadelphia said...

Do you have a teevee in front of another teevee. Man. You're rich.