Thursday, April 20, 2006

i'm a boat watcher, i'm a boat watcher...watching boats go by...

Look, it's a boat and it's outside my window. The buildings behind it are some of the World Trade City buildings. interesting sidenote, the WTC is a collection of like 6 or 7 buildings, and wasn't just the main twin towers. If you ever get to watch a documentary called "New York" by Ken Burns, it has a brilliant postscript on the the falling of the towers and how symbolically they were held in higher regard by people who didn't live in America, than New Yorkers.

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witnee said...

that looks like a lego city.
do you live in a lego city? Are you one of the lego people with no arms and a completely round head?
your profile picture might give credence to this theory, it just might.