Sunday, April 2, 2006

Faking Assassinations in Chicago

I think my younger cousin Vivek has just won the contest for most ridiculous academic stunt of the year. He's currently in Chicago for a Model UN conference, which for those of you who don't know, basically kids play the part of UN delegates and try to solve problems and shit while competing against other schools. It's a combination of debate and actually working with other people. But instead of going to his committee (which was on drugs and crime) he issued a fake news release to the group claiming that he, the honorable delagate from Brazil, had been assassinated.

I have never heard of a kid in any debate tourney faking his own death before.

They passed out the press release below to all the delegates and the chairs of the committee who were fooled themselves. Well done Vivek. As you will see from the news bulletin the "authentic" BBC release has a picture of some Brazilian dude..... the real Brazilian UN delegate. hahahaha. I guess part of me should feel embarassed that a conference run by my alma mater, the University of Chicago, could get duped... but then then the sheer audacity is too funny. Silly bakri chods.

As you will see, the bottom part of it is too funny, "According to police reports, Chohfi [the delegate] was found was with multiple stab wounds by Maria Rodriguez, a house-keeper at the Chicago-Mart Holiday Inn in Chicago, where the conference is being held."

Irresponsible? Perhaps.
Does it mock Brazil's actual UN delegation? Maybe.
F*#%ing brilliant? Absolutely.

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witnee said...

Vivek is my favorite person of the day.