Friday, April 14, 2006

Dope Ass Good Friday

Good Friday has done me well over the last few years especially since I get the day off. I don't get Hindu holidays off so I relish everyone else's that are Federally recognized.

That being said it's also tax season, which means I have to make my annual trip to the post office. Now I'm a reasonable human being who has been able to conduct multiple successful transactions of commerce in the past. In fact I'm also a college graduate. Which means my brain is certified to be all good. But why do I feel like an idiot every time I goto the post office?

I'd like to imagine that I'm not alone, but it's like everytime I walk through their doors I became Lame Boy. I start to panic over Certified Mail vs. Registered Mail...which line I should stand in... and where to stick the labels. Moreover I feel like every time I ask someone a question I'm not able to understand anything.

(editor's note: have you noticed that sometimes you open conversations with random noises that sound like words jumbled together and you're hoping that your tone of voice and the context of the situation will be lucid to all? and point, read below)
Me: "Um-scuseme, where do I stick these labels on my envelope?"
Postal Person: "Just peel it off back and stick it up top with the bar code showing on the one side"
Me: "Great, ok!"
Me: (internal monologue): "Wait which side do I stick it on? Shits! Shit and none of these pens here work! Where are the pens? This pen just bled all over my hand! Peeennnns. Bakri chooooods"
Now maybe I'm making a big deal out of a small thing, but I would be shocked if you could claim that you feel perfectly comfortable about all the products and services offered by your local post office. At this point someone in Southeast Asia is going to comment that in Singapore everything is automated and that there are no unhelpful postal workers because the government penalty is death, along with chewing gum.

Well so be it. Konichiwa bitches.


Anonymous said...

"Work Spouse" here. Dude, today is not a federal holiday and I am definitely at work. You're such a truant.

Shwetha said...

Japan is not part of "South East Asia "

Shakes said...

wait I never said it was....I just threw in the "Konichiwa" part randomly... oh fo

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