Tuesday, April 11, 2006

DJ Shakes_2006-04-11

theme: whatever i feel like playing

I'm back!... and instead of going with a theme I just played whatever I felt like. So basically expect something rather eclectic.

The first track is one I blab about in my intro. I first heard "Sponji Reggae" on the The Cosby Show and spent all of high school trying to figure out the name of the song I heard. My search was only complete when my freshmen year roommate in college Danny told me what it was.

As for the rest of the mix you're gonna hear some bhangra (old school & UK), a mellow Jack Johnson song from Curious George the movie, some Brazilian dance music, hip-hop, Indican classical, and David Bowie for good measure. Enjoy!

1. Intro - Shake's Super Nonsense salute to the Cosby Show
2. Black Uhuru - Sponji Reggae
3. Ghostface Killah - Shakey Dog
4. Hard-Fi - Unnecessary Trouble
5. Depeche Mode - Precious
6. Niyaz -Dilruba (Junkie XL remix)
7. Jack Johnson - We're Going To Be Friends
8. Simon Nandhara - Put Sardaren De
9. Sukhdev - Solva Saal
10. Avtar Maniac - Dekh Jawani
11. David Bowie - Let's Dance (Bollywood remix)
12. Chaurasaria & Co. - Hanuman Chalisa
13. K-Os - Hallelujah
14. Lali Puna - Faking The Books
15. Nitin Sawhney & Aqualung - Falling
16. DJ Dolores - Trancelim De Marfim
17. Bebel Gilberto - Cada Beijo (Thievery Corp remix)
18. Nas - War
19. Ghostface Killah feat Ne-Yo - Back Like That
20. Barrington Levy - Murderer

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  2. click on Advanced
  3. click on Subscribe to Podcast:
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Triskadelphia said...

Or you can simply drag the "podcast me" icon into your iTunes.

Triskadelphia said...

Who's this BILL you're talking about? The impression you do sounds an awful lot like a dude I know of called Clifford Huxtable.
Maybe it's coincidence.

Shakes said...

correct me if i'm wrong, but i think you just became the first person in the history of man to actually reply to your own reply. incredible.

CrippLeD SaM said...

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