Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Day 1: "Hey, I've got nothing to do today but smile... [I'm] the only living boy in New York"

("The Only Living Boy in New York," Simon & Garfunkel)

Today I got to be, as my friend Katy puts it, one of "Those People" who get to walk around on weekdays during the middle of the day. The sorta people who you know exist but only catch a glimpse of during an odd lunch break here and there. In any case I decided to putz around the West Village & SoHo....

Nothing says New York like watching basketball at The Cage, on West 4th Steet.

For lunch I ate at my much beloved Kati Roll, on MacDougal & Bleeker...

...for your benefit here is a picture of my legendary food treat. It was a meal to make vegetarians & Jains cringe... one chicken/egg roll, and the other a paneer roll with extra onions.

Washington Square Park was absolutely gorgeous....

...and there's nothing more enjoyable to watch than weird NYU kids mocked in large public squares.

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