Friday, April 28, 2006

1st Quarter Review: and now a word from your leader

If you're just randomly browsing, feel free to skip over this; for the rest of you I've hit the 3 month point of my blog! What's been kinda cool is watching the number of people who actually read and listen to this grow.

At first it would get like 10 hits a day....all from me. But lately it's actually gets something like 90-100 different readers a day (unique users) and 50 people a week listening to my podcasts. Okay, so I'm not exactly rivaling just yet...but we're getting there. Anderson Cooper, you're next on the list biznatch. After a month or so I thought I'd break 10,000 hits after a little more than 15 months, now it looks like I'll hit it after about 9.

What does this all mean for you the reader? Well let's just say you're a part of a growing movement. I'm not sure what this movement is exactly or what the message is about, but I'll get back to you on that. Or even better, you think about it. What does this all mean for me? Well let's just say fame is brilliant. I get stopped on the street all the time by people who say "hey, your Arial 10pt font looks familar, are you the Blog guy?"

Yes, yes I am.

It's time I started making this blog work for me. As one of my friends said, "you should leverage this whole thing into a giant dating scheme for yourself !!" Actually none of my friends said this, I just made that up because than it makes my ingenious idea sound less sketchy if a "friend" said it. Well I have my Friendster link on this page, so go ahead, reach out and make a connection, operators are standing by.

That being said it's with slight concern that I'd like to point out a slightly disturbing Friendster patter developing in recent months. I have no idea why but I'm getting more guys who are viewing my profile than ever before. Go figure. I guess beggars can't be choosers.

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witnee said...

maybe this unsettling friendster pattern is a result of guys being more likely to not go anonymous while viewing. I figure us gals stalk more, so anonymity is key and thus more likely :)