Sunday, March 19, 2006

wedding presents & me

Hello, I'm back in California for the 2nd time in as many months for a wedding. I flew in on Thursday and leave tomorrow (today really) on Sunday. The point isn't for me to tell you that I'm here, but rather something which I've decided...

After doing yet another bridal registry and gift purchase, I find it odd and highly unsatisfying to buy people bed linens, steak knives, or random cooking pots. When, and if, I ever get married I don't want any gifts of that sort. I don't want kitchen products, I don't want things for my bedroom, and I most certainly don't want cooking pots.

Instead what I want is for each guest to bring 2 cd's (or dvd's) that they think me and my bride would like. The reason I say 2 and not 1 is because if i just say "hey bring me a cd" no one would really do it because they'd think I was joking and they would get me the aforementioned kitchen/cutlery items from above. But since I said a specific number "you WILL bring 2 cd's" then people will feel compelled to get it. Moreover the end result is receiving some well thought-out, personal gifts. Also it would be a massive boon for my music collection (minus any duplicates and crap cd's such as friends who felt the need for me to have the collective B-sides of Styx).

Now the most obvious criticism to this is people who will say "Shekhar, how can you make this decision, your wife has a say in this too you know." And the answer is pretty simple: the person who would be my wife would be the sort who would agree to this.

The fact of the matter is that I've sorta thought for a long time now that I don't really want any gifts for my wedding. It strikes me as odd. By the way, any person who steals this wedding music idea of mine will receive severe punishment. I will shoot you. It's my idea. You cannot have it.

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