Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Things I Hate # 125: Elevator Chatter

If there's one thing I hate, it's racism. If there are two things that I hate it's racism and elevator conversations. I absolutely abhor people who use elevator-time as a quick work meeting with people they happen to bump into. If there is no one else in the elevator, that's one thing, but if there are other captive riders with you then it means you are inviting random people into your personal meeting.

Elevators were invented as a form of vertical transportation, not as a mobile conference room. In the presence of large groups of people elevator-time should be spent in quiet contemplation and introspection, not as a planning session with the poor guy who happened to hop on at the 5th floor.

The worst is when people say something to this effect "Hey Bob, nice to see you, did you see this article in the Journal about how your entire coverage sector is coming to an end, you really should read it...oh it's my floor, bye!" Blammo, they're gone. Just like that. Now poor Bob is left in a cramped room of strangers who are all wondering two things:

1. Why did that person jump on the elevator for going down just one floor?
2. Bob is sooo screwed. And he didn't read the Journal. Double blammo.

Will this message make people's lives better? Probably not. But if it just changes the behavior of just one person then I will live a happier life.

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Vaj said...

one of the benefits of working in suburbia, we have one floor.