Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Living The Dream

There was a guy at work I used to sit next to, Brian, and every day that we'd arrive at work at 7:15am and at night when we left, we would simply utter the phrase "we're living the dream" with a smile. I don't sit next to him anymore but in the 5+ years that I've known Brian I think he has never left work before 10pm. Hence for those of you who are a bit obtuse, the comment drips with an appropriate amount of sarcasm.

Sometimes during our daily existence I think all of us are struck with moments of utter lucidity/insanity when we ponder the possiblities of dropping everything we're doing and traveling around the world. These thoughts are instantly squashed though when you start pondering that without a job you wouldn't be able to support your $13 deli lunch at Dishes (Mangia is soooo last year) or if you live outside of Manhattan...perish the thought...think of another reasonably adequate substitute, like hmm, what do people outside of Manhattan eat for lunch... TGI Friday's.

In any case my friend Amit, who does/did the same thing I do, has done just that, throwing all responsibility and rationality to the wind and embarking on a massive 6 month, 6 continent journey. You can track all of his travels at his little blog http://SINHATRAVEL.COM

It's pretty cool. It's basically a good way of living vicariously through someone who is doing what we all wouldn't mind doing.

Furthermore what's highly enjoyable is that with each of his adventures and corresponding posted updates you can respond, which you will see I've taken the high liberty of doing. Mocking someone in a personal email is funny; mocking someone in front of others is sheer comedic genious. For those of you who are actually still reading this and the smaller number who are actually going to goto the link because I told you so, you will notice that I begin most of my comments to him with the word "tatti," which is a happy Hindi word that is synonymous with dung.

Anyhoo the point of this posting is not so much to be a random link to someone else's travel log, but rather point out that people actually do the things you dream about in your head... and for the love of god, get your mind out of the gutter, that line was supposed to be inspirational.

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Anonymous said...

You should also check out the blog of an ex-banker/private equity guy who just left it all to play for a european baseball team.


Glad everyone else is pursuing their dreams!