Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I have a dream... and then I woke up

When I started thinking about writing a blog my vision wasn't to be one of those people who put their deepest fears, thoughts, and emotions on some webpage so that everyone else can see. What a waste. What a bunch of nonsense. Instead I wanted a place to give my random meaningless musings a larger stage for observation and univeral praise and approval...that being said I thought I would share a dream I had last night with you.

As of late (i.e. the last 4 or 5 years) I really don't remember my dreams very well. I swear most nights I don't have them and the other nights that I do it seems nebulous at best. I mean I'll wake up in the middle of the night and just think "whoa...a cow, some asteroids, and a windmill...what was that all about?"

Well last night was a slight exception. I dreamt that I was with my brother and two other people in a field and we were playing cricket. For some reason we decided to play 2 on 2. For anyone who has ever tried to play cricket with a few number of people, it's an exercise in futility. Basically everytime I hit the ball we had to wait forever for someone to run and get the ball and come back. After about 5-10minutes (in DST, or Dream Standard Time) I started to get bored. I even started thinking to myself "Man, this is boring, I think this is a dream." So I put the bat down and walked away. Everyone else started yelling "where are you going? what are you doing?" and I replied "this is boring, this is just a dream." They all nodded in agreement. And then BLAMMO, I woke up.

It WAS in fact just a dream. I think this makes me the only person in recorded human history (I think) to have actually gotten bored in their own dream. I bored myself awake. If dreams are insightful riddles that provide hints to your normal conscious life, then my dream basically said "man you're boring" OR "man, you should play cricket with more people." I like to think that it meant the latter. The problem with normal conscious life is that if it ever gets dull you can't wake up from that. You're just sorta stuck there.

Okay, no more dream talk. I'm done now.

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