Sunday, March 12, 2006

Cafe Tatti

Today we shall play a game called "Shekhar teaches Hindi." I am your host, Shekhar. For anyone who has been around me lately over the past year or so, my favorite word has been "tatti" in "what a tatti" or "you tatti" or "look, it's tatti".

Tatti (pronounced "tut-tee") means shit. So the exclamation "what a tatti!" works out to mean "what a piece of shit"...except not in a mean spirited way, but rather in a more nice, happy, endearing way akin to someone saying in a jovial tone "oh snap, you silly piece of shit"

If you google "tatti" you get 689,000 website hits and for me it's extremely funny that one of them is for a quaint DC-area eatery called Cafe Tatti ( If there was any semblance of an actively vocal Indian community in the region it would only be a few seconds until the proper health inspectors and authorities were notified of such a scandelous place. Afterall, who would want to dine at a place called Cafe Shit?

To add insult to injury, Cafe Tatti is a Greek place, which almost gives a funny idea of thinking that somewhere on the cutting room floor for the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" there's a scene with an Indian guy and the Greek dad that goes something like this:

Indian guy: You are a tatti
Greek guy: Tatti?
Indian guy: Yes
Greek guy: 'Tatti' that is Greek!

Sadly for you Mr. Kalpos, the owner of Cafe Tatti, the Indian fellow is calling you a piece of dung. In response to this weird turn-of-wordplay-events, I thought I should do my duty as a concerned citizen and lifelong member of the human race by emailing the owners of this Cafe Tatti. I figured they would want to be informed of why the Indian members of the community haven't quite embraced their beloved Cafe Shit in the manner that their Greek bretheren have. So I wrote this on Friday:

From: [editor's note: that's me]
Date: March 10, 2006

Hello, I hope all is well.
I didn't know if you knew but in hindi the word "tatti" means dung. It just seems curious that you would name your establishment after such a thing. I don't know if you have ever had this brought to your attention or not, but I thought that on behalf of many Indians I would at least inform you of this.
Thank you and I hope the new year finds you in good health
- SK
Thus far I haven't received a response yet, but I'm sure they're all quite pleased about my feedback. Quiiiite. I did notice that since the email address is an AOL one that I could add them to my AOL Instant Messanger buddy list. I have indeed done so and attempts to chat with them have been thwarted by the fact that they haven't logged on.

I will of course keep you posted on any further developments.


Anonymous said...

This may be the most ridiculous thing i've read. You're so weird.
Please don't tell me you really wrote that email.


Shakes said...

yes i did actually write it! and no i don't think i'm that weird. hopefully the people at Cafe Tatti write back. hopefully.

Anonymous said...

Waiting anxiously!