Sunday, March 26, 2006

Back from Miami (Ultra Music Fest)

I just flew back in from spending the weekend in Miami, where I went with my cousin Vivek to see the Ultra Music Fest (electronica super fest) along with 50,000+ of our closest friends. Alas now I can claim the valuable street cred that I so badly need because I gotto see a ton of dj's I like, live. I've included pics below, but this weekend wasn't just about listening to house, drum&bass, jungle, and trance. I also learned some valuable nuggets of wisdow. For example:

  • I could never live in Miami
  • It is bio-physcially impossible for many of the people who live in South Beach to exist in the natural world
  • The reason that so many ravers (especially girls) suck on pacifiers is NOT because of some weird fetish, but rather when they do E it makes them want to chew a lot and it prevents them from biting their own tounge
  • For some strange reason people snort Vicks like there is no tomorrow, I have no clue why and mistakenly thought that there were just a LOT of people who had congested noses. Someone pointed out that it had something to do with doing E, but couldn't offer an explanation, perhaps Google or Wikipedia knows...
Okay, now that I got that out of the way, here is who i saw, in order:
  • Mark Lewis
  • Danny Howells
  • Robby Rivera
  • Infected Mushrooms (live set, mainly Goa trance)
  • Darren Emerson (formerly of Underworld)
  • Hernan Cattaneo
  • Erick Morillo (best set of the night by far)
  • Paul Oakenfold (what a servant boy, he played a tatti set)
  • Carl Cox (the premier house dj, he was brilliant)
  • The Prodigy (it's fun when they curse)
  • Paul Van Dyk (good but uninspired set)
  • BT (if you haven't heard his classic remix of Tori Amos's "Blue Skies" then I'll put it on my next podcast)
  • Armand Van Helden
  • Photek (hardcore drum and bass)
  • Danny Tenaglia (played great hard house)
And here are some pictures to feast your eyes on, remember you can always click on them to enlarge:

Desi pride is alive and well in Miami

...the ravers are a classy bunch...Oddly enough we had the pleasure of running into the guy who brought these blow-up dolls like 3 times, which is with every annoying person, you keep bumping into them. But if you lose someone in your group, odds are that you will never randomly see them

The Prodigy takes the main stage in the evening

Paul Van Dyk

Danny Tenaglia in the his own tent

wickedly cool pic: you can't call it a rave unless there are people twirling glow-sticks

The Voyage's a cool pic out the window of my Continental flight (flight # CO539, for the record) back to New York...and fitting since most early trance and electronica CD's have some picture of a plane or the sky on their jewel case covers...

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