Monday, March 20, 2006

...and we're back

Just got back from LA and my friend's wedding and while I'm quite tired I thought I'd put up a picture of two. Aside from having Moby on our flight back just now (for your info, he used Louis Vutton bags and I think they both larger than the acceptable carry-on size) The most notable events:

1) Sitting next to a lady who drank straight vodka on our flight to LA, put her feet up on top of the seat in front of her (oddly enough her daughter's seat) in some weird display of flexibility, and passed out on me

2) getting humped by my dog Kobe on Friday morning

3) eating mom's home cooking (shrimp is key)

4) hanging out in Huntington Beach, where I grew up (thats' where the whole "HB" from "HBshakes comes from)

5) Watching Nate get progressively drunker and drunker at the reception.

drinks 1-5....the salute

...drinks 5- flower on the right ear

...drinks 10-???...double flower action

6. Making food art.

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