Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Scrubs, Doogie, Me, & Hate

It struck me while watching Scrubs last night that in many way the show is a lot like the show Doogie Howser M.D. Drama, intrigue, bits of comedy, and of course Vinny. Moreover the biggest similarity is the fact that both use an internal narration as a key component.

This flashback to Doogie made me think about how much I really hated that show. Not only could I never understand why he had such a crush on Wanda but the opening credits and theme music contained elements that would make any Indian kid vomit. Numerous times. Uncontrollably. If this sounds dramatic think about sitting in your living room, minding your own business, watching TV with your parents.... At this point in time many of you are probably thinking "but Shekhar, I'm not Indian, how could I imagine having Indian parents?" Others are probably thinking "why am I still reading this nonsense?". Well to both of you I ask for your patience and courage to read on. Lucille Balle would've wanted it that way.

Anyhoo, you sitting in the living room and all of a sudden you see a 30 second show snibbit about some kid who fnished high school in 4 weeks and somehow became a doctor a month later. Immediately all conversation in the room ceases because your parents start looking at you thinking "If that kid can finish school in 4 weeks, why can't you? Plus you're Indian. Indian! We've wasted all of our money on that boy and what does he give us in return? To think that he has the nerve of asking to stay out past 10pm and to have $20 to have dinner and see a movie with his friends every weekend."

The converation, as with all Indian parental discussions, usually starts
off playfully and ends with unthinkable things being said about Wanda.

Parental Unit: So Shakes, how long are you gonna take to finish high school?
Me/Hero: 4 years like everyone else

Parental Unit: Why not oh I dunno, 4 weeks like Doggy Howser?
Me/Hero: His name is not "Doggy," it's Doogie.

Parental Unit: Idiot Boy (muttered under breath, but loud enough for neighbors to hear)
Me/Hero: Plus I'm not even sure how someone get identified to be so smart to even get some exam to get out of high school after 4 weeks. Teachers don't even know your name until 2nd Semester
Me/ Hero: Doogie has a girlfriend, would you want me to have one of those?
Parental Unit: You shut up. you don't have to emulate everything
he does. He could've probably graduated high school in 3 weeks if it wasn't for that tramp Wanda.

TV was a very large component of my life and as such I would constantly be compared to TV characters for qualities that I should possess or not possess. For example:

Mike Seaver: Lazy and sorta sketch (remember when he cheated by writing test answers on his shoes)
Alex P. Keaton: Perfect
Theo Huxtable: Good personality, but ultimately not what we're aiming for
Cockroach: Acceptable as a friend
Jack Tripper: Bad because he lives with too many girls
Michael Knight: Unclear
Kevin Arnold: In my mind great, parents were unmoved. (sidenote: I once told my dad that he is a combination of Mr. Arnold and Cliff Huxtable. He seemed mildly amused and then left the room without saying anything...just like Mr. Arnold would!)

It's really quiiite a fun exercise, you should try it too!


Anonymous said...

hey don't forget Buck Rogers. he always seemed bold and intrepid.
- C

Anonymous said...

I always thought Theo was a role model because he wanted to be a "Regular Person."
- Jason

Anonymous said...

I think kevin arnold was great, i dated a boy b/c his name was kevin and my nam is whitney, almost winnie. it was just like the wonder years, cept kevin grew up to become a manslut and I grew up to guest star on west wing..
wait..i'm getting confused.

Anonymous said...

To join the crowds of anonymous nnonymouses... I just realized how long its been since I've watched a TV show. I guess that happens when you don't have cable. Shakes, we salute you for bringing knowledge to us underprivelged folks