Monday, February 20, 2006


You know I bought the movie Proof today because I liked the play a lot and it was done by kids from the U. of Chicago and the movie was also shot on campus..... so seeing something from the old stomping grounds would be real nice.

While it's a touching story and all, what I really found to be the most peculiar thing was the concept of Gwenyth Paltrow being a fellow Maroonie. I was thinking it would be so bizarro to have her in one of my classes or even sitting at the dinner table at Pierce Tower.

While these thoughts are good mind-escapes by themselves something even more bizarro started to happen. The more I thought about the concept of Gwenyth going to the U. of C. the less I thought of her as being a movie star. In fact she sorta looks like the people who go there. Now I ain't saying she's a gold digger but she ain't messin' with no broke ...wait a second wrong song... I'm just saying that when all my friends went to college the first complaint we all had was the lack of attractive people. The reality is that we would've been miserable no matter where we were (actually to be fair my friends at UCLA and USC seemed pretty pleased by everything). Thus even if Gwenyth were to be sitting in Hyde Park in real life I'd still think nothing of it.

What does this all mean? Nothing really. But think about it this way, if you had the urge to kill people and instead read this last paragraph or two, haven't I really just saved a life. Think about it. Think about it.

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