Wednesday, February 15, 2006

happy post valentines day...

TECHNICAL SIDENOTE: OK so on my mix last nite there's a small glitch for like 10second (like at the 15min mark or something) between New Order's "Age of Consesnt" and Radiohead's "Let Down". For those of you who haven't downloaded it yet or your iTunes (or whatever you use) hasn't updated the podcasts since last night you won't know the difference since I fixed the glitch this morning in a new file....

While I spent my V-day at home mixing the weird noteworthy recent event was trying to board a plane in Richmond on Monday on the day after the massive snowstorm cancelled my Sunday flight. Oddly enough my flight was filled with tourists from Hong Kong who somehow had gotten stuck in Richmond. (no joke) I spent the first 15minutes of my flight convincing a man that his seat 9A was the window-seat and not my aisle seat, seat 9C. We had a nice discussion about the ordering of letters in the English language and how seat labeling starts from right to left as you enter the plane, even though we read from left to right.

So on that note, for those of you who haven't discovered a plane traveling godsend (is that capitalized) check out a website called
It is quite good. Quiiiiite. It basically rates each seat in different planes and airlines. Typical comments include "good aisle seat but people tend to gather nearby waiting for the lavoratory...sit one or two rows back to avoid". This is fantastic! Moreover it begs the question, do people use the term "lavoratory"anywhere except 30,000 feet above the earth's surface? On a sidenote I now get officially weirded out when guys refer to going to the bathroom as hitting the head.

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Anonymous said...

Although it was a bit mellow and your intro about the whole jumping off the side of a building thing worried me, I thought this was your best mix yet