Monday, February 20, 2006

Got Chutney?

Okay I'm back home and while I do fully realize that most people don't really care where I am on a regular basis, let alone this weekend, I still figured it's worthy enough of an event to put a pic or two up from my last day at home yesterday before I pass out and sleep

This was seen on Pioneer Blvd in Cerritos. If this doesn't show that brown people know how to represent, I'm not sure what does.

Catholics have the Vatican, Muslims have Mecca, and for the free world on the west coast, we have In-N-Out Burgers

I can make it rain wherever I go. Even in SoCal...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

sadly I do not have chutney. But when my friend's mother-in-law thought my name was chutney. Whitney/ can see the mix up. So I guess I do have a lil bit of chutney after all :)