Saturday, February 25, 2006

Curious George on a Saturday

Okay I shall do a mix tonight, although it's a toss-up between 90's dance and some hip hop....although I promised my friend Katy I would do the former. In any case today instead of skiing in Vermont I did the next best thing and saw Curious George...which was one of the most adorable things I have ever seen since I saw these tiny Kobe beef sliders at some fusion restaurant. In any case I took some snaps around town...

Well it's not like I was making a bootleg movie or anything, but I figured it was a good thing to document that I did in fact see the movie ...except for that stupid bastard who had to put his head in there at the bottom. That's just not cool. I mean really. I'm just trying to enjoy a serious work on monkey culture and people act like this. As my dad would say "that's just nonsense." Although in reality he would say "son, that's just nonsense" because it was usually directed towards me.

I think Union Square may be my favorite place in NY...if for no other reason the fact that there's a statue of Gandhi in the southwest corner. I know this sounds dumb but it's funny that whenever I see it during winter I just think "oh man, he must be cold."

Here's a neat facto, random as it may appear at first, Gandhi is actually quite fitting for the area because it was actually named because many unions used to be located around the area and would hold their rallies in the square...hence Union Square. Peaceful protesters of the world unite. Now whenever I go there I always just see the same dude who is pushing to "Free Palestine" and the kids who try their lame-ass skateboarding.

Washington Square Park can really look georgeous in the evening and as hokey as it sounds it's kinda cool to see little groups of people singing folks songs all about. People also buy crack here.

But what's worse than random hobos is all the kids from NYU. They're like leeches. They're everywhere. Worse yet all of them move in packs except for the counter culture kids who strive to be different by all dressing alike.

Irony? I think so.

...and I dunno why, but this west village restaurant always stands out to me as something which may be present in any city yet seems very New York. Am I being overly dramatic? Perhaps. Am I probably onto something? No diggity.

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