Monday, January 30, 2006

Me, American Idol, and the U. of Chicago

Super Wacky Fun Story #21309 !

Okay so this is borderline bizarro, and at the risk of saying this is the most incredible story ever in the history of the world, let's just say there's a story that links me, American Idol, and my alma matter (the University of Chicago). Excited? Okay!

Let's rewind a little bit:
When I was in high school applying for colleges I got a letter from the University of Chicago. It said that I was admitted into some special program or received a scholarship or something. This excited me. The only problem is that it wasn't addressed to me but rather a girl named Rani with my last name . I didn't even realize the letter said "Rani" on the envelope until I already opened it. Besides I just saw Karnik and naturally assumed it was me because how many Karniks are applying to the University of Chicago???

If it were "Gupta" or "Patel" I would understand. There are many of those.

Anyhoo fast forward a year and I was a young and dashing First Year at the U. of C. (anyone who has been there can attest that we have a disdain for terms such as "freshman") and I decided to see who this Rani Karnik was....the only problem is that there was no Rani Karnik to be found! Alas she had determined not to attend our fair and humble Noble-worthy university. So the running joke in my family had always been that Rani was just waiting at home for this letter from school....which never came sadly. Perhaps this letter (some may claim that it is as valued as a golden Wonka ticket) was accidentally mailed to the wrong household and never properly sent to her....but what kind of inhumane person would do such a thing? (editor's note: me)

Well 10 years have passed and besides a random once-in-a-blue-moon joke reference in my family of poor Rani Karnik waiting at home the entire episode has greatly faded from my mind.....UNTIL I was minding my own business at work and my friend Ami randomly asked "do you know someone named Rani Karnik?". As it turns out Rani Karnik was on American Idol! Could it be the same one? Well a NY Times article has a picture of her and it says she is 27...which puts her at the proper age level for someone applying to college at the same time I was. Furthermore I can't imagine that there are too many people named "Rani Karnik" in America who are 27. Any good undergrad interviewing for a consulting job can surely attest through some deliberation that the estimated number of people is probably 1. (these same poeple will also tell you perhaps that the Greater New York area probably has over 15 piano tuners, based on the number households in the Tri-State area, the number of poeple who play pianos, the fraction thereof who own pianos, and the frequency of needing such pianos tuned)

It is indeed a small world. Somehow my disposal of a letter directly caused a person to become an American Idol contestant. Some may argue that I should receive a percentage of all future profits/fame that she may receive. Perhaps. Mayhapsly.


Anonymous said...

I want my money. ;>


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You bitch!
IM rani karnik.

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oh my, it's a cat fight.

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i just wish i knew who to love back...

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